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Hon Tai Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1985.Hon Tai is based on the principle of professionalism, sincerity, and innovation. Our company specializes in producing electronic and mechanical insulation materials to provide complete service to meet customers’ requirements.

Hon Tai has fully automatic production whereby importing raw materials, manufacturing and processing are all completed in our factory. With steady investment strategy and fully automatic production Hon Tai can increase production efficiency, lower cost and continuously develop new products to enhance competitiveness.   

Advanced technology and innovative development allow us to become a leading manufacturer in insulating market. Hon Tai has the most complete manufacturing process and a selection of insulation materials to achieve high quality and excellent sales-service.

Currently, we have operating centers in New Taipei City, Taoyuan and Jiayi to provide full service to our customers. 

Going forward, Hon Tai will make every effort to serve and benefit our customers and achieve the sustainable development goals.

  • 1. Products are UL, RoHs recognized and have ISO-9001:2015 quality standard certification. Also, we can provide the SGS test report according to customers' requirements.
  • 2.Production to processing are all completed in our own factory. Therefore, the costs incurred by middlemen can be avoided (cost reduction) and business procedure can be shortened (to ensure delivery).
  • 3.We produce and import a variety of insulation materials in the most complete specifications and textures.Our products and services include Phenolic laminates sheets, Glass fiber sheets,Load end,High/low voltage insulators,Mold development and design,Molding and manufacturing for various composite materials and engineering plastics,Vulcanized fiber cardboards ,Mica sheets,Phlogopite sheets,Carbon fiber boards, Dupont Nomex,Formex,NMN/DMD,Diesel paper,NIKKO KASEI sheets,Environmental protection ,Melamine board, Wood-Pulp board, Non-asbestos boards,Wool felt,Oil resistant cork, Insulation paper, Acrylic, PP corrugated board,Teflon,Nylon, POM,PP,PE,ABS,PC,PET,Mylar,UPE,PEEK,PVC etc.
  • 4.We are the only company in Taiwan, which are capable of processing self-made insulation materials, imported electronic materials and mechanical materials with automatic-feed punching machine,medium-and-large-sized CNC machine, injection molding machine,BMC molding machine,SMC molding machine and various professional industrial machinery and equipment.We customize products according to customers' drawings.
  • 5.We have rich manufacturing experiences from production definition, component selection, function request, mass production to provide individual and professional product development according to customers'  special requirements.
  • 6.Leading technology, innovative development, and advanced production equipment.
  • 7.We're a long-term stable company with healthy financial position.
  • 8.Disposing commercial waste by legal commercial waste disposal company.
  • 9.We consider quality and company reputation as top priority.  



Yangmei Division

  • No.277/279, Sec. 3, Yanghu Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City 326, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • E-mail:hon-tai@okokok.com.tw
  •            h4567999@ms66.hinet.net